Yoga and Pilates in Kalidonia

 Pilates every mondaymorning 10.30.  For more information about Pilates click on the link :  PILATES 

Yoga every thursdayevening: 17.45 until 19.00 for more info: Yoga 



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In winter we make it extra comfortable and nice with some candles and blankets for the relaxation. The place is warm in winter and with the moving and stretching you keep your muscles flexible. With a flexible body you feel more energized. We also practice different kinds of breathing technics to warm and activate the body.


Drift into bliss with Yoga Nidra.

At February 29 2024 we are planning a Yoga Nidra class in Kalidonia. Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation. The body and mind can relax in a ultimate way. We make ourselves comfortable with blankets and pillows and surrender into a deep relaxation. for more info click on this link:  Yoga+Pilates Kalidonia


JUNE 21: International Yoga day We celebrated the spirit of Yoga with 13 people from different nationalities : Germany, Romania, Sweden, Cuba, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


During summer:

Yoga on Crete

 Yoga @beach Kissamos

for more info click here : Yogaatbeach

 Yoga on the rock in Ravdouha

for more info click here: Yoga on the rock


Sunset Yoga

First, you want to know more about Yoga?

During a Yogaclass you will bring your attention to your body and breathing. It will become more quiet in your head and you will feel more and more relaxed. Stretching your muscles has also a relaxing and energizing effect. By practising the yoga postures (asana's) you create more space in your body. In every posture some muscles in your body get trained to be stronger while other muscles get stretched. So 1 posture has always multiple purposes. Your joints becomes more flexible and it will improve your mobility. In every class we practice balance which will make you feel stronger and confident. You will also notice this in your daily life. You'll become more confident in difficult situations, and know how to handle challenges in your life. By practising breathing technics you will become more aware of your way of breathing. During the postures you connect the movement with your breath and you'll notice it will become easier to do the postures if you bring your attention to your breathing. Yoga means connection. Connect to your body and your breathing. Connect to nature and all the good vibrations. Everybody can do Yoga. And everybody may have a different reason to start doing Yoga.. Whatever your reason is, My purpose is to make you feel better , that is what Yoga does: make you feel better about yourself, your body, your life.

A class always starts with awareness, warming up, sunsalutation, different Yoga-postures, balance and ends with a relaxation (savasana) In this relaxation your body can process de practice and you will relax in a optimal way. 

So now, Yoga has no secrets for you anymore. All you have to do is show up and experience it.