What is Pilates?

Pilates is a training method for your whole body. You will build  physical strength from the inside. Your core is the most important because your core is the center of your body and with a stabilized core and strong spine  your posture improves and you will move more easily. So the focus will be on your inner core muscles. But also the legs and the arm muscles will benefit from this training.

It s based on 6 important principles:

*Consious moving






You will make all the movements of your body in a conscious and controlled way so you will get to know your body better and the excersices will have more effect. 


What can you expect from a Pilates class?

During one hour we will do a variety of exercises on the mat. We start standing to warm up with some easy movements usually with some Tai Chi.  The whole class will be on music to make it more fun.

The sequence of excercises will be on the mat  laying on your back, on your belly (to train the small muscles surrounding your spine),  and on the side . There will be some stretching and every class ends with a relaxation so your body can rest and integrate all the results of the training.

Sometimes we will use props, like yoga blocks .

What results can you expect?

Pilates is a perfect training in combination with every other sport you may do already and it can help to improve your results and performances. People with back problems can experience benefits of the Pilates training. Because of the core stability growth your balance will improve and this will reflect in your daily life. After a Pilates class you will feel more powerfull . You can trust your body and you can trust yourself.


Try Pilates? Every mondaymorning at 10.30 in Kalidonia