Yoga on the rock in Ravdouha

Near the beach of Ravdouha  on Crete is a beautifull and very special place. Near the little church you can find yourself on a saterdaymorning doing Yoga on a platform on the rock. While you have a stunning view at the sea and Gramvousa we practise a 1 hour Yoga class. This place is known for the presence of  intense energy . You can feel and experience this for yourself especially during the relaxation at the end of every yoga class when you can lay down on the rock  and charge yourself with this energy

Down at this page there are more directions how to find this place

Wear comfortable (sports) cloths to move easily. Because we practise in the sun, maybe you can wear a cap and take some water. To not get distracted and enjoy the yoga completely , I request all the participants to switch off the phones.

After yoga, you can take a swim if you like so take some swimclothes with you


Costs: Euro 10,-  Classes will be in English. For all levels

At the moment there are no dates scheduled yet. If you stay in Ravdouha, you can contact me so we can look for possibilities



If you are new to Yoga and want to read more about it click on the link to the homepage. There is more information and if you have any questions please contact me


How to find the yogarock? In Ravdouha take the road down to the sea, when you are down keep the sea on your right side and drive towards the big rock where the taverna "Wave on the rock" is. (not all the way to the taverna but about 200 meters before on the right side you can find the place and the entrance to the beach (see pictures below)