New free Yogaclass online:  Please join me!

The class is easy accessible for everyone. Keep listening to your body, if any posture doesn't feel good for you, than don't do it or adjust it in a way it feels good for you. There is no right or wrong in Yoga. the only thing you have to do, is doing good to your body. The purpose of Yoga is feeling better. Feeling better about yourself and feeling better about your body. 

In the end there is a short relaxation (savasana) So keep something warm close to you,  so you can be comfortable (socks/blanket)

                                                            Full Hatha class (37min):

Full Hatha class (47 min):


Alternate nostrill breathing technic ( 5 minutes practice)


Join me with this 5 minutes breathing technic : "the alternate nostrill"  to get balanced and calm. Whenever you feel nervous or anxious,  do this technic and you will feel clear and calm after it.


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