Malybe it is not the first thing you think about, when you love to do Yoga on a sunny island, but if you are looking for a new challenge maybe SUP-Yoga is something you like to try. SUP means Stand Up Paddling so that is the first challenge we face. If you get comfortable on the board it is a great way of moving on the water and enjoy the sea and the view while you are training your body. With every wave and move of the water your body has to react to keep it s balance. At some point you will become one with your board and one with the water you are floating on. 

Yoga on the sup board

The next thing is yoga practise on the board. We start at a sitting position so it is still comfortable and fun to do yoga postures and movings. Standing up is challinging and finding a balance has new meanings on the water. But you don't have to be scared of anything because if you will fall the water is soft and refreshing. So let s relax and have fun.